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Opportunity Highlights

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  1. One building site (possibly 3) 1395 Acres.Unique in all the world

  2. Island of Kauai

  3. Blank Canvas with unlimited potential for someone with vision

  4. A couple of miles from Lihue Intl Airport.Direct flights from California.

  5. 5 ½ hour flight from California to Kauai and then five minutes to The Headlands

  6. Easily commutable

  7. Lihue weather is the best on Kauai with the average amount of rainfall for Hanalei, Lihue , Poipu and Kilauea 68.62 annually. Poipu 44.11,Headland (Lihue 37.02).

  8. Ideally located between Kipu Ranch () and Kipu Kai Ranch () (best beach on Kauai)

  9. Stream frontage, Harbor frontage, Ocean Frontage.Cruise ships come in and out of the Harbor (Nawiliwili Harbor)

  10. Many potential ESTATE sites. New owner might use the William Randolph Hearst approach in choosing site for the famous Hearst Castle.Hearst used luxury tents (glamping style) to test various potential sites before deciding which one to build his castle.No hurry to choose.

  11. Build your own trails

  12. Build multiple helipads so that in five minutes after you get off your flight from the mainland; you can be at the most beautiful ESTATE site in the world

  13. Architects can capture the beauty of the property and build their signature estates. They will line up to have the opportunity.

  14. Build many hiking trails from scratch with many overlooks.

  15. There are no comps for this property!It deserves a fantastic architectural design.Whybuy someone else’s home when you can design and build your own

  16. Potential Newell Shearwater and Monk Seal and Hawaiian Hoary Bat. Habitat enhancement..


  1. Every disadvantage has a distinct advantage to new owner.I.E. disadvantage …… perfectly groomed sandy beach……. Advantage……No public beach access, no road yet.Endangered species mitigation on portions of site if desired.

  2. Example additional projects … spectacular 600 square foot cabin separate location from home.Helipad.Spectacular glamping sites immediately even before the home is built.Glamping sites can be moved around to different locations.

  3. Balboa Island Ferry (California) type access across the river from Nawiliwili Small Boat Harbor

  4. Set up a hiking trail to each of these mountain tops

  5. Limited and General subzones permit home, cabin, shelter wilderness camp, endangered species mitigation 1200 sf meeting area

  6. Possibility of consolidation/subdivisionend up with three large lots

  7. Multiple view points…..three mountains.Severalmini mounts


  1. The Headlands of Kalanipu’u is a “Diamond in the rough”


  1. Buyer of this property probably not interested in a “used house” no matter how luxurious…wants to build his own


  1. .Strangely, there is something comforting and serene abouthaving the luxury of separating from the buzz of everyday life.

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