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The Headlands of Kalanipu'u

The Headlands of Kalanipu'u is unique in all the world, offering a blank canvas with unlimited potential for a buyer with vision to create one of Hawaii's most exceptional and exclusive private estates. The property offers several potential building sites for a private residence as well as  several other structures.  Located near the town of Lihue on the southeast portion of Kauai (Hawaii's "Garden Isle"), and adjacent to the infamous Kipu Ranch (Raiders of the Lost Ark) and Kipu Kai Ranch (The Descendants), the Headlands enjoy the best weather on Kauai  with an annual rainfall of 37.2 inches. The  nearby Lihue airport hosts direct flights from the US mainland as well as flights from numerous international cities. After landing, you are only minutes away from your private sanctuary which is easily reachable by helicopter, by boat from the nearby Nawiliwili Small Boat Harbor, or by 4x4 via a road easement through the adjacent Kipu Ranch.

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Hulēʻia Stream

Hulēʻia stream is navigable by kayaks and small boats for miles. The stream flows west to east along the northern border of the property. The Hulē‘ia National Wildlife Preserve is located near the property and is comprised of approximately 241 acres.

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Nawiliwili Harbor

The north end of the Headlands makes up one shoreline of the deep water port of Nawilwili, one of two deep water ports serving Kauai.  Nawiliwili Harbor is home to a small boat harbor and Nawiliwili Yacht Club. Nawiliwili Harbor is located just south of the Lihue Airport at the mouth of Hule'ia Stream and near Niumalu Beach park.


Kalapaki Beach and the Marriott Resort are located nearby offering shopping and dining opportunities.

Carter Point, Kawai Point and Unulao Bay

On the south side of the property cliffs and valleys fall away to the sea with spectacular views and beautiful trails. Scrub brush, trees, plants and grasses cover the land. To the southwest is the isolated and lovely private ranch of Kipu Kai.  Kipu Kai Ranch is about 1,070 acres fronted by a bay and backed by cliffs which, on the northeast, makeup the boundaries of The Headlands of Kalanipuu. Carter Point and Kawai Point are part of the Headlands property, as is the beach that fronts Unulao Bay.

Breathtaking Views of Kipu Kai Ranch and the Pacific

The property affords 360 degree views, hiking trails, streams, and numerous ideal sites for construction of an incredible estate.  Kalanipu'u is a dream come true for a buyer with vision.

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