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Kauai's Island Paradise

                                                          is a 1,395 acre property located just minutes south of the city of  Lihue on the garden isle of Kauai, Hawaii. This Kauai waterfront property hosts the majestic and historic Hāʻupu mountain range that descends down into the deep blue Pacific Ocean providing about 3.5 miles of Pacific Ocean shoreline that includes the iconic Kawai and Carter points and Unulao and Nohio Bays. This amazing property also fronts one half mile of  Nawiliwili Bay to its north and one mile of frontage along Hulēʻia Stream to the northwest.

To the southwest is the isolated and private ranch of Kipu Kai.  Kipu Kai Ranch is about 1,070 acres fronted by a lovely bay and backed by cliffs which, on the northeast, makeup the boundaries of the Kalanipu'u headlands.  To the east is the boundary of Kipu Ranch, a beautiful cattle ranch edging out from the slopes of the mountain range into the Lihue volcanic basin. The eastern boundary of Kipu Ranch extends along the boundary of the lands of the Kalanipu'u headlands.  The Headlands consist of a central large ridge dominated by three mountains.  Kalanipu’u, Keopaweo and Hokunui.  Several smaller ridges and valleys descend from it.

High Value Ecosystem Services

Kalanipu'u Kauai's Island Paradise

Kauai, Hawaii has been a wonderland for ages, arising from the Pacific Ocean over five million years ago. As the volcanic island gradually cooled, the constant trade winds blowing from the northeast sourced the island’s tropical plants and,  with time, a remarkable assortment of wildlife species adapted to life on Hawaii’s ‘Garden Island’. This created an incredibly diverse and unique Ecosystem. Dominating the southeast coast of Kauai the Kalanipu’u Headland is draped in emerald valleys topped by volcanic mountain spires and elegantly shaped cliffs aged by time and the elements. The area is home to important historic sites as well as fascinating, rare animal and plant species. The landscape’s biodiversity supports high-value ecosystem services that determine quality of life in this part of Kauai.

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